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Magic mural

The challenge

We were hired by the brand experience gurus at 2LK to design and direct a multi-user interactive in-person experience for Salesforce's USA based events, TDX and Dreamforce, in New York and San Francisco. 


  • Creative Direction

The solution

Working with the coding whiteboard wizards at Joto we co-developed this unique analog interactive whiteboard mural on a scale never attempted before. This 15m kinetic wall displayed key facts, figures and thoughts for and from a C-level audience at two key tech industry events in New York and San Francisco. 

In this era of AI generated, high tech, high speed, high resolution content the symphony of multiple-robotic arms, real-time interactivity and automated marker pen content created a genuine space for connection, with a shared love and nostalgia for the humble white board.

2 x industry leading events

Each stroke from the robotic pens is deliberate, but infused with the spontaneity of a live performance. 

A full running order of live and pre-built content created a living artwork that brought visitors back time and time again to check up on its progress.

An analog explosion of movement, the gentle beauty of the choreography of robotic marker pens communicated strategic insight and conversational ice-breakers to a knowledgeable tech audience. 

14 x synchronised robotic marker pens

The result

The experience resonated with the global tech audience at TDX and Dreamforce, as this wasn't the average digital display; infused with humour and joy it was a incredibly powerful messaging medium. 

1 x shareable experience